Alexandre Baron

Welcome on my personal page.

I’m Alexandre Baron, a French software engineer born in 1991 with a Master in Information Technology from the European Institute of Technology (EPITECH) of Lyon (France).

This is my blog, where I write all kinds of posts. I usually write technical articles in English so they can be useful to the widest audience possible. You can find them under the english tag. However, the rest of the blog is entirely in French (sorry!).

I have experienced during my career with various languages and systems, and that gives me the versatility to to fulfill a wide variety of tasks, from programming to system administration.

If you’re interested in my experience, you can check out :

I have mostly experience in C++ and Python, in both Windows and Linux environments, with a focus on 3D graphics rendering. I also nurture a curiosity for functional programming (Haskell, OCaml), and emerging languages like Mozilla’s Rust, as I love to learn new things and get out of my comfort zone.

I have many hobbies, but the main ones are :

  • Indie game development : since November 2017, I work with friends on my first independent game title, Front Line Zero, a 3D rail-shooter set in cyberspace, using Unreal Engine 4 (still a work in progress !)


  • Playing music : I play the guitar since a few years now, I also regularly play sansula and the hang drum as I gained much interest in intuitive music.


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