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Python caveats

Working with Python on and off for years now, I had the… opportunity to be the victim of a number of pitfalls inherent to the language, with some of them having caused weird bugs and hard-to-track issues, mostly due to my lack of Python knowledge.

In order to remember them, and perhaps to help you too, reader, if you don’t know them, here are some of my all-time favorites !

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Two dangers of modern C++

I’d like to talk here about two not-so-new features of C++ (auto types and lambda functions) that managed to bite me recently, even though I thought I knew them well enough (I still do!).

According to me, it doesn’t show that one should ditch them into oblivion and never use them (but some people make their life easier by doing so), but clearly that they should be handled with care, as they more or less act as syntactic sugar on C++ type system, which can be, unfortunately, both overly rigid (which is why we use them in the first place) and overly flexible (which is usually why bugs get in our way).

Let’s get to the point.

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Aggressive commit of Intellisense suggestions in Visual Studio

Just to add a bit of context here: at the moment, I’m doing quite a lot of C++ programming on Windows environments, especially with Visual Studio.

And one thing I particularly dislike with Visual Studio’s default settings is that « aggressive commit » of Intellisense suggestions when you’re typing a type is disabled by default.

So, what is « aggressive commit of Intellisense suggestions », you ask…

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Reblog: Problem with on 64-bit Ubuntu

This isn’t a « true » reblog, but I just wanted to say that I had the same problem than the author of the blog post I’m about to link, and that his solution just did the trick for me too, so I thought I would give him full credit for the solution given it just worked completely unaltered in my situation too.

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OCaml : Parsing a program’s arguments with the Arg module

French version here

The OCaml language has a rather big number of modules in its standard library, which can serve to do almost anything you could want.

In the following, we’re going to see quickly how to use the Arg module to declare and manage optional parameters (some just call them options) of an OCaml program.

One of OCaml’s sexy logos, making other languages jealous

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Making multi-texturing work with VTK

This is an English copy of my last article, which was written in French: Faire du multi-texturing avec VTK.

I believe it will help much more people in English since VTK is used worldwide… And I don’t want to bother with a multilingual WordPress plugin yet. 🙂

In this blog post I will talk of what has been my main research subject during the last two months, during my part-time job.

It was about multi-texture mapping on a 3D polygon, using the open source library VTK. I mean it when I say « research subject » since, at the time I write this, it seems that no one or near already tried to do it with VTK… Although the feature is present, it just doesn’t work out of the box.

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