How to run shell files FROM WITHin visual studio

I had a problem recently : my scripting experience coming mostly from Linux, I’m much more used to shell scripts than .bat scripts. And despite working on Windows, I still prefer using shell script language mostly for human factors reasons (I find batch syntax ugly and frankly impossible to understand and/or remember).

But contrary to the Linux world, a shell executable (also known as sh.exe, or any other flavor like Bash or Zsh to name a few) is not installed by default on a Windows. You have to install it yourself and do a bunch of wiring so that shell files are automatically executed by the shell executable using some kind of fake Unix environment (Cygwin is a good example).

My problem of the day is one of yet another kind…

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While working on the game Front Line Zero with the METATEK game developement studio, I’ve used the Unreal Engine 4 game engine for some years now.

I’d like to share some knowledge about the pitfalls and neat tricks I got to discover under the form of short, easily-readable blog posts.

Today’s topic : how to make a C++ enum that displays as an editable bit flags value in the editor.

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